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SR Timber expecting ‘origin of the species’ questions at Contractor’s Day

SR Timber has confirmed it will be exhibiting at the next Contractor’s Day in October and is gearing up for more questions about the origins of its roofing batten, such as its flagship Premium Gold

Based on its experience of Contractor’s Day at Twickenham at the end of last year, the company – which is a leading importer of specialised timber products and the UK’s largest importer of roofing batten – is expecting more of the same, with delegates being fascinated by the process of how timber roofing batten is produced.

SR Timber’s Trading Director Shaun Revill predicts that visitors to the show at Manchester United’s Old Trafford on 1st October will stop and watch a simple four-minute film that shows the processes of felling logs in a forest, inside the sawmill and finished batten arriving in the UK.

Shaun said that at the last Contractor’s Day, the SR Timber team was expecting lots of conversations around issues such as quality, stock availability and costs of materials, but a simple four-minute video playing on the company’s stand was the star of the show because it helped contractors to see another side of the business – one that they seldom think about.

“One of the first visitors to the stand when Contractor’s Day opened asked if the timber we use to make roofing battens was grown in the UK,” said Shaun. “We explained that the vast majority of the batten that the UK roofing industry uses is imported - primarily because of the strength of the timber. We also explained that if UK timber was strong enough, there would be availability issues because it couldn’t be supplied in the volumes to meet demand. It did come as a surprise to quite a few contractors that a roofing material that they use every day doesn’t actually originate from the UK.

“The film we had playing on the stand drew contractors in because it explained where our timber comes from, what type of timber we use, the process of sawing it down – including which parts of the log we use – how we turn it Gold and how we inspect it for quality before it’s shipped to the UK.

“We were surprised and fascinated at the reaction to the film, and it acted as a stark reminder that something we take for granted was a real eye-opener for others.”

The short film, which can be found on SR Timber’s website, lifts the lid on the journey of timber from the forests in the Baltics to the sawmill – and then onto roofs in the UK.

Shaun added: “We’re really looking forward to Contractor’s Day – even though as a Forest fan it’s at Manchester United’s ground – because it will be another great opportunity to talk to contractors.

“The film has proven to be a good icebreaker that will start conversations around batten, which is our favourite subject. We’re confident that there won’t be a question we can’t answer.”

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